I have lived all over the country, in Georgia, Virginia, Connecticut, Northern California, and Southern California. I live in San Diego now, and I’m never moving again.

I’m a snowboarder, surfer, wake boarder and stand up paddle boarder. Anything with a board and water, and I’m on it.

I have traveled all over the world, and plan on traveling more.

I am an entrepreneur starting businesses, consulting for startup businesses, and I turn failing businesses around. Contact me if you are interested in discussing your business.

I am committed to the training and development of people for their happiness, freedom, self expression, and performance. To that end, I spend approximately 20 hours per week on my personal development, and the development of others.

My book, the Social Meta Theory, shows how individuals, organizations, and society go through 5 distinct stages of evolution marked by periods of revolution. Contact me if you’re interested in helping out.